Tag: Sue Jackson

Writing Rocks in Kindergarten

Learning to write is daunting to many young children, but there are a number of high-yield strategies you can use to help children develop both the skill and will to write. In this session, educators will explore topics such as learning to honour children’s attempts at writing with an asset-based lens, exploring the concept of… Read more »

From Play to Project

Children’s curiosity and wonderings, along with their play and explorations, can spark an interest that raises questions for investigation. Attentive teachers act on this interest and facilitate learning through the project approach. Projects enable young learners to go deeper into topics and integrate knowledge and skills in meaningful ways. Attend this workshop to examine how… Read more »

How Do You Assess Inquiry in K?

Young learners can grow and develop as inquiry thinkers and investigators in classrooms where teachers view much of what their students are doing and saying through an assessment lens. Attend this dynamic workshop to explore a range of assessment ‘practices’ that can easily be woven into an inquiry journey. We’ll begin by examining the curricular… Read more »