Tag: Mental Health

Honouring the Authentic Needs of Children

Children are citizens of the world. They are born competent and complete and it is our duty to honour and respect their individual needs. Children’s time today is more structured than it has ever been at any point in modern history. We need to ask: are we honouring a child’s authentic needs or are we… Read more »

Why Deep Connections are so Important

Vygotsky famously said, “it is through others we develop into ourselves.” Children need time and space to develop meaningful and deep connections in our care. All people want is to be seen and loved for who they truly are. We should offer opportunities for children to connect with their friends, educators, families, and local communities…. Read more »

Queer Competency Training

In this interactive workshop, participants will first build foundational knowledge around terminology, language, and some deeply held assumptions we might have about gender and sexuality.  Participants will have opportunities to engage with one another, reflect on their own biases and perceptions, and begin to construct their allyship to help LGBTQ2S students and their families feel… Read more »

Nervous vs. Anxious

The purpose of this workshop is to assist teachers and staff in increasing their own mental health literacy and also to increase their ability to pass this literacy on to the children and families with whom they work. Especially during younger grades, separation anxiety is a common struggle but teachers and parents sometimes struggle to… Read more »