Tag: Kristi Schwandt

Responsive Life Skills Trays

Life skills are an integral part of development. Come be inspired by the unlimited ways you can use and present Life Skills Trays in a responsive environment; not only serving the children’s ‘skill development’ and core competencies but also their ever changing interests as well. Studying Fine Arts upon high school graduation, Kristi had a… Read more »

Community Resources & Loose Parts

Inspiring room makeovers don’t have to cost a fortune. With community connections and an understanding of the concept of loose parts the possibilities are endless. Of course if there is some money, there are many creative ways to make your dollar go further. In this workshop we will discuss using community resources and loose parts,… Read more »

Fine Arts and the 100 Languages

We will cover a variety of mediums, how to present them to a young audience, ways to scaffold their learning and child development with an art focus.This is an informative workshop on fine arts with a 100 languages, atelierista focus. Studying fine arts upon high school graduation, Kristi had a multitude of different careers before… Read more »