Tag: Experiential Learning

Spur Executive Function in Kindies

This workshop will introduce developmental ideas of executive function with a specific focus on ‘future thinking’ and practical strategies developed by Sarah Ward (SLP) & Kristen Jacobsen (SLP). As occupational therapists, Rae and Ross are interested in the connection between self-regulation and executive function development. Participants will learn practical, easy-to-implement strategies which they can use… Read more »

Running Records for Newbies

Running records are an excellent tool to identify patterns in reading behaviours. They capture what a child understands about the reading process. This session is designed for teachers who want to learn how to administer and score a running record. You will learn all the coding tricks to record your observations of what your student… Read more »

Responsive Life Skills Trays

Life skills are an integral part of development. Come be inspired by the unlimited ways you can use and present Life Skills Trays in a responsive environment; not only serving the children’s ‘skill development’ and core competencies but also their ever changing interests as well. Studying Fine Arts upon high school graduation, Kristi had a… Read more »

Branching Out With Learning

Participants will see how taking their students outside onto the school grounds can enhance learning. Math and English language arts activities will be presented incorporating all aspects of the curriculum along with Indigenous principles. A schoolyard tree can provide many opportunities for students to explore and learn about their environment.  Children’s literature will also be… Read more »

How Do You Assess Inquiry in K?

Young learners can grow and develop as inquiry thinkers and investigators in classrooms where teachers view much of what their students are doing and saying through an assessment lens. Attend this dynamic workshop to explore a range of assessment ‘practices’ that can easily be woven into an inquiry journey. We’ll begin by examining the curricular… Read more »