Every year, Connecting the Pieces hosts a marketplace that runs alongside our conference for teachers and ECEs to browse classroom materials and information about community organizations and resources they can take advantage of.

Check out some of this year’s awesome vendors!

Charlotte Diamond / Hug Bug Music
A complete display of Charlotte Diamond’s music and educational materials will be available for purchase. For more information on Charlotte and her activities, please visit

Creative Circle Time
Creative Circle Time along with Woodtic Toys provides high quality, handcrafted felt board stories and wooden materials. Find out more about Creative Circle Time online.

C&G Nature Trails
Having a tiny tent will allow a child  to use toy people, animals, cars, and trains to create “little worlds,” replaying social/family events, acting out familiar stories, or making up new situations. This is a way of claiming a safe arena where they can safely exercise control. Pretend play allows children to safely express their emotions and feelings. Imaginary play in the child’s early years lays a strong foundation for physical, academic, social and emotional well-being that will last a lifetime. These tiny tents replace big doll houses. Great for both genders, folds down for easy storage and transporting to play outside. Find out more about C&G Nature Trails on Facebook.

Heartfelt Stories
Heartfelt Stories is a home based business created in 2005 by early childhood educators. These detailed felts are hand crafted with you in mind, making them durable, colourful and affordable. Learn more at

Pearson Canada
Pearson is Canada’s leading learning company. They provide innovative learning materials to help people everywhere fulfill their true potential. Find out more at

Scholastic Education
Scholastic Education publishes top-quality English and French classroom resources (both print and digital) built on the latest research that reflect best teaching practices. Learn more at

Sticks & Stones Childhood Learning
Sticks & Stones provides a variety of hand-selected beach stones, hand-painted with alphabet letters and numerals. Children and adults alike are naturally captivated by the aesthetic appeal of natural stones. They make a perfect addition to any preschool, primary classroom, or learning environment. They fit in perfectly in Reggio classrooms and make amazing gifts for young learners

Check back often as more vendors book their tables. If you are a vendor who would like to book a table, please submit an application here.