Writing Rocks in Kindergarten

September 18, 2018

Learning to write is daunting to many young children, but there are a number of high-yield strategies you can use to help children develop both the skill and will to write. In this session, educators will explore topics such as learning to honour children’s attempts at writing with an asset-based lens, exploring the concept of nudging versus pushing young writers, assisting children to “read like a writer,” conducting mini-lessons to model and provide examples of various writing genres, and embedding writing in playful experiences. Educators will leave with a collection of mentor texts and a variety of strategies to support young children in their writing development.

Sue Jackson is an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker, author, consultant, and educator who has extensive experience working in literacy education, inquiry based learning, and early years’ pedagogy. Throughout her extensive career in education, Sue was a K to 8 classroom teacher, a division leader, and a learning coordinator for the Thames Valley DSB, specializing in early years and literacy. Additionally, Sue was an AQ instructor for the University of Western Ontario. She has written many educational publications such as the teaching resources for Scholastic Education’s Literacy Place for the Early Years, Moving Up with Literacy Place, Stepping Up with Literacy Place, Info Tales, and most recently Take Action. Presently, as Scholastic Education’s National Literacy Consultant, Sue provides professional development for teachers, administrators, and school districts across Canada. Within B.C., Sue has enjoyed working with educators in districts such as Chilliwack, Surrey, Vernon, Vancouver, Richmond, Coquitlam, Greater Victoria, and Abbotsford. Sue is a passionate advocate for empowering teachers and students and is able to ground pedagogy in authentic and practical classroom applications.