LGBT2Q+ Education in Elementary

June 15, 2017

Regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, all young people are exposed to ideas about relationships and gender. Through parents, peers, and the media, they are taught what is acceptable, expected, and also what is undesirable. This session will show you how to use a combination of art, education, and dialogue to delve into the complexities of sexuality and gender in your classrooms. In particular, Out in Schools uses film as a powerful, transformative tool for change. Film allows people to see themselves reflected in ways that are complex and affirming and also gives those not represented on screen the opportunity to see the full spectrum of Two-Spirit, queer and trans lives in ways that are not bound by stereotypes, clichés, or caricatures. We’ll speak to terms and concepts, scenarios with students and parents, and provide you with curriculum examples and additional resources.

Brandon (he/him/his) is the education director for Out on Screen. As an energetic community advocate, he has led the Out in Schools program since 2015. He has collaborated with the Ministry of Education, BC Teachers’ Federation, UBC Faculty of Education, and the ARC Foundation to address this immediate need to support LGBT2Q+ students through policies and practices that foster inclusive school environments.

Gavin joined the Out in Schools team first as a facilitator in 2014. In supporting organizational growth, Gavin stepped into the Program Assistant role and is now excited to continue working with Out in Schools as the Program Coordinator. Passionate about the power of storytelling, Gavin is a writer, musician and artist.