La Litteratie et la Maternelle (Part II)

August 30, 2016

Teachers new to French Immersion kindergarten often feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what to teach their students, when to teach it, and how!  This workshop will build on the first session of “La Litteratie et la Maternelle” by sharing day plans, term plans and yearly overviews of the new curriculum including curricular competencies and content.  How do we teach our students as much as they are ready to learn in a pedagogically sound way, keep it play based, AND have them ready for grade one? 

Come join in on the conversation, share your ideas, and leave feeling more organized to tackle the year ahead.  This session is ideal for teachers new to teaching kindergarten, and will not include grade one curriculum planning.

Janet (BA, BEd, MEd) is currently a French Immersion kindergarten teacher in Abbotsford. She has taught learning assistance, half-day kindergarten, grade one and grade two in French Immersion and loves integrating thematic units across the curriculum. She is known for being upbeat and organized and loves sharing ideas with other teachers so much that she was selected to attend the Teachers’ Institute in Ottawa in 2012.