Why Deep Connections are so Important

September 18, 2018

Vygotsky famously said, “it is through others we develop into ourselves.” Children need time and space to develop meaningful and deep connections in our care. All people want is to be seen and loved for who they truly are. We should offer opportunities for children to connect with their friends, educators, families, and local communities. Let’s get together and discuss ways to build deep connections in our programs. The objectives of this workshop are to: discuss ways to create and support deep connections in our programs, reflect on why deep connections are so important, discuss ways to support relationships in our programs, learn different perspectives and how to “marvel” at challenging students, and discover ways to emotional connect heart-to-heart with your children.

Sarah created ECE Connect in 2016 with the idea of connecting early childhood educators together, and offering workshops that she feels are needed in the field. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and training, a diploma in early childhood education and Montessori (012 years), and a certificate for children with special needs. She’s been in the educational for over 15 years. She currently manages a preschool and is an instructor at Vancouver Community College.