Queer Competency Training

September 18, 2018

In this interactive workshop, participants will first build foundational knowledge around terminology, language, and some deeply held assumptions we might have about gender and sexuality.  Participants will have opportunities to engage with one another, reflect on their own biases and perceptions, and begin to construct their allyship to help LGBTQ2S students and their families feel safe, dignified and valued in their schools. In addition to language and terminology, workshop participants will also explore relevant LGBTQ2S+ history, and generate ideas and tips on how to create more inclusive environments, support someone who is coming out, and how to interrupt homophobia or transphobia with students and other colleagues.  Referrals, references, and additional reading materials will be provided for the research junkies who can’t get enough documentaries, articles and videos! This session is a double block, taking place in session A and B. Please note registrants must attend both A and B, and cannot opt to just attend one.

Joel brings over 10 years of experience in group facilitation, adult education, curriculum design and public speaking to his role at QMUNITY as their Education & Training Coordinator.  In this role, Joel facilitates over 100 workshops a year for service providers, educators and teachers to explore the complexity and potential of sexual and gender diversity.  Joel recently completed a Certificate in Dialogue & Engagement from Simon Fraser University, enhancing his skill set to bring people together to have difficult conversations, create new knowledge and collectively and collaboratively address, complex issues.