Playing with Language & Story

September 18, 2018

In this session we will invite participants to explore Reggio inspired practices such as story workshop and story baskets. We will share examples from our K-3 classroom as well as from Strong Start/early learning contexts. Insights and reflections from our visit to Reggio Emilia and our professional development experience at Opal School will be presented. We will also show the process of how we transformed the learning environments for all our students at Mayne Island School. Please join us for conversation, collaboration and a focus on playful inquiry.

Megan is a K-8 teacher at Mayne island school who is passionate about Reggio inspired practices and creating  beautiful  environments for all learners to learn.

Fiona spent many happy years in the Langley School District as a teacher, faculty associate and as primary coordinator. Most recently, she has been co-teaching in a K-8 setting with her colleague Megan Cameron at Mayne Island school. Fiona is currently (mostly) retired but continues to be passionate about early literacy and working with young children and their families.