Nervous vs. Anxious

September 18, 2018

The purpose of this workshop is to assist teachers and staff in increasing their own mental health literacy and also to increase their ability to pass this literacy on to the children and families with whom they work. Especially during younger grades, separation anxiety is a common struggle but teachers and parents sometimes struggle to know when it is developmentally appropriate or a sign of a large issue. This workshop will help professionals and parents to make that distinction along with navigating other questions that lay in these grey areas. Attendees will also take away some insights and strategies to communicate better with families and students about these issues.

Ted is the Program Manager at Langley Youth and Family Services. He also runs a private practice, Connectivity Counselling. He specializes in impulse control problems, including ADHD, aggressive behavior, and addictive behavior, as well as anxiety. He is an experienced public speaker and mental health educator.