La Litteratie et la Maternelle (Part I)

June 15, 2017

How can you get your French Immersion kindergarten students speaking in French? How can you build their vocabularies while also teaching the revised curriculum? This workshop offers participants a month-by-month tool box of activities that build literacy skills and vocabularies simultaneously. This session is well-suited to teachers new to teaching French Immersion kindergarten or for those looking to add new activities to their teaching, as we will discuss literacy activities that span common themes in a kindergarten year.

Participants will receive copies of chart poems, songs, little books and big book pages to take back to the classroom and use the next day! This session leads into La Littératie et la Maternelle Part 2 in session B, though participants are not required to attend both.

Janet (BA, BEd, MEd) is currently a French Immersion kindergarten teacher in Abbotsford. She has taught learning assistance, half-day kindergarten, grade one and grade two in French Immersion and loves integrating thematic units across the curriculum. She is known for being upbeat and organized and loves sharing ideas with other teachers so much that she was selected to attend the Teachers’ Institute in Ottawa in 2012.