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Computational Thinking In the Classroom

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate computational thinking into your classroom? Where do you even start? In this workshop, you will be introduced to computational thinking on paper. On paper, you ask? Yes, on paper! From there, anything is possible. We will then look at using digital technology to combine core competencies with curriculum-related… Read more »

Ready, Set, Play, and Write!

The OT and PT division of Learning Support Services is pleased to present an inservice to kindergarten and preschool teachers on how to support your students’ acquisition of gross motor and fine motor skills. From holding a pencil to kicking a ball, we will give you ideas and activities that enhance growth and development for… Read more »

Eaglet Art with Brandon Gabriel

Renowned Kwantlen First Nation artist Brandon Gabriel will give a demonstration and tutorial on teaching young learners how to draw an eagle feather using paper, tracing paper, a pencil, masking tape, and crayons. The method was first developed by Italian Renaissance artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, and later innovated by West Coast First Nations artists… Read more »

Invigorating Your Kindergarten Math Program

Josie’s kindergarten math program was in need of some changes to fit the new curriculum and re-inspire her joy in teaching math. Over the past few years she has added in math routines, provocations, nature, small/large groups, and guided math in order to strengthen her program and make it appropriate for learning in 2017 and… Read more »

Wonder in the Kindergarten Classroom

This workshop will explore the British Columbia re-designed curriculum through a Reggio-inspired lens. Participants will focus on how to foster learning through play and exploration in both kindergarten and kindergarten/grade one classrooms. Multiple entry points for learning in diverse classrooms will be unpacked using the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach. About Cassaundra McGuinness Cassie… Read more »

Empowering Children with Outdoor Play

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in an outdoor classroom fully immersed in nature? Join us as we dive deeper into child centered, place-space learning. “Risky” play, environmental stewardship, empowering language, problem solving, and early childhood development are just a few ideas we will discuss. Be ready to go outside rain or… Read more »

Superhero Play

Sarah has recently returned to working in a preschool and found superhero play is something educators are struggling with. A question she often hears is, “Should we allow it?” and she believes we should. All children have a right to play. This includes superhero play, sometimes weapon play, and shocking themes like shooting storm troopers!… Read more »

Effective Emergent Writing in K

Teaching writing in kindergarten is a fun and rewarding experience! Rapinder will show you writing in a fun, relaxed, play-based kindergarten classroom. Come and see practical tips on scaffolding these early writers from September to June through photographs and video clips with lessons and examples of students’ work. She will also share ideas to support… Read more »

Woodworking for Kids: I Can Build It

Come out and learn basic woodworking techniques, tool  safety, project management strategies, and extension ideas. Each participant will build two kits. The workshop also feature samples of simple projects for all grade levels. Don Thomson Don is a retired Langley teacher. He enjoys a wide range of activities: cycling, fishing, travel, landscaping, woodworking, and playing… Read more »

K’s in the World of Math: Make and Take

Kindergarten children are natural explorers and love to engage in activities that activate their curiosity. Come along and explore the endless possibilities of engaging our youngest learners in a world filled with numbers, shapes and more. You will not only make a variety of different games and engaging activities to take away with you, but… Read more »