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Ready, Set, Play, and Write!

The OT and PT division of Learning Support Services is pleased to present an inservice to kindergarten and preschool teachers on how to support your students’ acquisition of gross motor and fine motor skills. From holding a pencil to kicking a ball, we will give you ideas and activities that enhance growth and development for… Read more »

Les Centres de Litteratie

Learn to organize literacy centres in your full-day kindergarten classroom that use your time efficiently while optimizing student learning. A variety of literacy centre ideas will be presented and blackline masters for some centres will be shared. A unique approach to organizing the centres and how to move your students through each centre in a… Read more »

Eaglet Art with Brandon Gabriel

Renowned Kwantlen First Nation artist Brandon Gabriel will give a demonstration and tutorial on teaching young learners how to draw an eagle feather using paper, tracing paper, a pencil, masking tape, and crayons. The method was first developed by Italian Renaissance artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, and later innovated by West Coast First Nations artists… Read more »

Empowering Children with Outdoor Play

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in an outdoor classroom fully immersed in nature? Join us as we dive deeper into child centered, place-space learning. “Risky” play, environmental stewardship, empowering language, problem solving, and early childhood development are just a few ideas we will discuss. Be ready to go outside rain or… Read more »

Effective Emergent Writing in K

Teaching writing in kindergarten is a fun and rewarding experience! Rapinder will show you writing in a fun, relaxed, play-based kindergarten classroom. Come and see practical tips on scaffolding these early writers from September to June through photographs and video clips with lessons and examples of students’ work. She will also share ideas to support… Read more »

Connecting Children to Nature

Find out how nature improves the physical, mental, and emotional health of kids. Use tools and resources that will focus and connect children to nature. Learn a few stories and songs along the way that will help you and your students remember fun facts about your local plants and animals. Be prepared to go outside… Read more »

Playful Communities

We are members of multiple communities: cities, neighbourhoods, schools, classrooms, and more. How can we engage communities of all sizes with interactive experiences to communicate the power of play-based learning? This session is an opportunity to revisit the joy of true play, and take away ideas for engaging your community through play. You will see… Read more »

Yoga & Mindfulness for Self-Regulation

Join us in this exciting workshop offering hands-on activities to easily integrate yoga and mindfulness into your classroom setting. Children’s yoga helps develop essential tools such as self-regulation and a stronger mind-body connection, and introduces skills that help children to find a sense of inner calm. These yoga and mindfulness tools are gifts that can… Read more »

Inspire Your Kids with Coding

The world of coding and programming can seem scary and intimidating, and perhaps overly complex for early childhood and kindergarten programs. However, coding is one of the most popular learning trends, and young students are just as capable of learning as older students. Teaching coding in kindergarten can positively impact a child’s development and learning… Read more »

How to Stay Fresh During the Grind

About Ted Leavitt Ted is the program manager at Langley Youth and Family Services and also runs a private practice, Connectivity Counselling. He specializes in impulse control problems, including ADHD, aggressive behaviour, and addictive behaviour, as well as anxiety. He is an experienced public speaker and mental health educator.