Category: Session A

Branching Out With Learning

Participants will see how taking their students outside onto the school grounds can enhance learning. Math and English language arts activities will be presented incorporating all aspects of the curriculum along with Indigenous principles. A schoolyard tree can provide many opportunities for students to explore and learn about their environment.  Children’s literature will also be… Read more »

ABC’s of Phonological Awareness

Are you new to teaching or want more information about how to support your students’ phonological awareness?  Join us and learn what the difference is between phonological and phonemic awareness.  We will explore why it is so important for all our students’ literacy development.    You will walk away with how, when and where to… Read more »

ABC’s in the Outdoors

Have you been curious to try Wild Wednesdays or Forest Fridays with your class? Worried about how you’ll structure your day and add meaningful learning around all that distraction? Come and get some inspiration and ideas for how you can include literacy learning outdoors. You’ll come away with some active phonemic awareness games, a story… Read more »

How Do You Assess Inquiry in K?

Young learners can grow and develop as inquiry thinkers and investigators in classrooms where teachers view much of what their students are doing and saying through an assessment lens. Attend this dynamic workshop to explore a range of assessment ‘practices’ that can easily be woven into an inquiry journey. We’ll begin by examining the curricular… Read more »

Yoga & Mindfulness for Self-Regulation

Come join us in this exciting workshop offering hands-on activities to easily integrate yoga and mindfulness into your classroom setting. Children’s yoga helps to develop essential tools such as self-regulation, a stronger mind-body connection, and introduces skills that help children to find a sense of inner-calm. These yoga tools are gifts that can transform the… Read more »

La Litteratie et la Maternelle (Part I)

How can you get your French Immersion kindergarten students speaking in French? How can you build their vocabularies while also teaching the revised curriculum? This workshop offers participants a month-by-month tool box of activities that build literacy skills and vocabularies simultaneously. This session is well-suited to teachers new to teaching French Immersion kindergarten or for… Read more »

Living the K Life: Make and Take

Kindergarten children love to play with letters, language, reading, and writing.  They explore and engage in activities that activate their curiosity.  Come along and explore the endless possibilities of engaging our youngest learners in a world filled with letters, language, and more.  Not only will you make a variety of different games and engaging activities… Read more »

Reconciliation and Indigenous Place

The current colonial structures that are heavily represented in our education systems, do not benefit our most vulnerable populations.  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of First Nations histories, and how to engage in socio-political discourse and social justice issues with children.  Presentation is done in the form of pedagogical narrations, some short video clips,… Read more »