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Lovin’ the Light Table!

Explore the wide range of uses of the light table in the early years. Learn how to develop provocations and use materials to spur cross-curricular explorations, creative thinking, communication, and problem solving. Lorie McDonald currently works as a Strong Start facilitator in the Langley School District. With her passion for early learning, she has successfully presented… Read more »

Room Makeover Using Community Resources

Inspiring room makeovers don’t have to cost a fortune. With community connections and an understanding of the concept of loose parts, the possibilities are endless. Of course, if there is some funding available, there are many creative ways to make your dollar go further. In this workshop we will discuss using community resources and loose… Read more »

Wonder in the Kindergarten Classroom

This workshop will explore the British Columbia re-designed curriculum through a Reggio-inspired lens. Participants will focus on how to foster learning through play and exploration in both kindergarten and kindergarten/grade one classrooms. Multiple entry points for learning in diverse classrooms will be unpacked using the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach. About Cassaundra McGuinness Cassie… Read more »

Assessing Mathematics in Kindergarten: How Do We Know They Are Learning?

How do we know whether kindergarten students have conceptual understanding or misconceptions of the math after engaging in classroom activities? This workshop will delve into formative assessment and the importance of what students say and do in order to provide meaningful, personalized, and timely feedback. Insight into the big ideas of math and how they… Read more »

Connecting Children to Nature

Find out how nature improves the physical, mental, and emotional health of kids. Use tools and resources that will focus and connect children to nature. Learn a few stories and songs along the way that will help you and your students remember fun facts about your local plants and animals. Be prepared to go outside… Read more »

Yoga & Mindfulness for Self-Regulation

Join us in this exciting workshop offering hands-on activities to easily integrate yoga and mindfulness into your classroom setting. Children’s yoga helps develop essential tools such as self-regulation and a stronger mind-body connection, and introduces skills that help children to find a sense of inner calm. These yoga and mindfulness tools are gifts that can… Read more »

Running Records 101

Join us for an action-packed session on how to take and code a running record. You will learn the rationale about this formative assessment tool, how to use the standard codes so any colleague can understand your running record, and the beginnings of MSV (Meaning, Structure and Visual information). This session is suitable for new… Read more »

Inspire Your Kids with Coding

The world of coding and programming can seem scary and intimidating, and perhaps overly complex for early childhood and kindergarten programs. However, coding is one of the most popular learning trends, and young students are just as capable of learning as older students. Teaching coding in kindergarten can positively impact a child’s development and learning… Read more »

How to Stay Fresh During the Grind

About Ted Leavitt Ted is the program manager at Langley Youth and Family Services and also runs a private practice, Connectivity Counselling. He specializes in impulse control problems, including ADHD, aggressive behaviour, and addictive behaviour, as well as anxiety. He is an experienced public speaker and mental health educator.  

Starting Small Changes Communities

As early childhood educators we should remember that we need to connect with communities and give more. Humanity starts small; children are loving, caring and extremely empathetic. Communities are hurting and centres can help! Children need exposure to the realities that surround them; they too can learn to connect with the wider community and be… Read more »